Press reviews

The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix PC game also got rave reviews in the press, which gave it the top, five to six star rating. Here's a small selection of verdicts and reviews from newspapers and computer magazines to date.

Tv 2 - God Kveld Norge

TV2 - Norwegian TV station

Terning 6

"Pinchcliffe Grand Prix was a hit with all the members of the panel right from the very first mouse-click!"

Tønsberg Blad

18th december 2000

Terning 6

"With an intro loaded with superb graphics, familiar voices and those authentic touches of Pinchcliffe humour this game comes up with the goods right from the word go."

Hjemme PC

December 2000

6 poeng

"Aged 4 or 107 - you're sure to love this game."


27th november 2000

Terning 5

"The producers were obviously dedicated to making this game accessible to all age-groups, and, so far, no one has managed to create anything like it."


27th november 2000

Terning 6

"This game comes highly recommended. A sure-fire winner for Christmas stockings and festive-season on-screen entertainment."


November & december 2000

9 av 10 poeng

"We haven't seen anything to match the calibre of this game... nothing tops it, in fact, nothing even comes close!"



Terning 5

"Our paper got this high-profile game in for testing yesterday morning, and it wasn't long before we realised the unbelievable amount of time that must have gone into the making of this computer game."

IT avisen logo

18th november 2000


"No easy task to develop a computer game based on the biggest film hit in Norwegian cinema history - Pinchcliffe Grand Prix - but the crowd at Capricornus has really come up with the goods!"

Drammens tidene

17th november 2000

Terning 5

"The panel's verdict was unanimous: this was the game they wanted to play. (...) Kickin'!"



Terning 5

"Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is now the ultimate gotta-have, gotta-play, PC game."

NRK logo

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

"Just a great game with new, beautiful animations and lots to do and play with for the entire family. And if I don't show up next Friday, the reason is probably that I'm still sitting at home playing Pinchcliffe!"



"...Grandfather Ivo (Caprino) has no reason to be ashamed of the work of his succeeding generations, almost 25 years after the release of the greatest success in the Norwegian history of film. The PC game has every reason to become just as treasured by the people"

Bergens Tidende


"Impressive- no other word for it! This Norwegian-produced game is unbeatable!"


8th december 2000

"The panel's verdict was certainly unanimous yesterday evening when asked to choose between Harry Potter for beddy-byes or a quarter of an hour extra on the computer. No question about it: it's Sonny, Lambert and Theodore Rimspoke for anyone's money."


8th December 2000

"...guaranteed to be a hit in Christmas stockings for big John and little John alike!"


Danish computer Magazine

"It's a rare event when you can dispense with the 'buts' and say that this is just one amazing computergame that anyon ewould enjoy."


Danish computer Magazine

9 av 10 poeng

"Racing game? You betcha! But first you'll be taking a trip down memory lane with your favourite cast of animated pals to pick up all the spare parts you need. More than 100 hours of gametime."

"....mindbogglingly entertaining and varied game-action for novice and hardcore gamers alike."

"The races are seen from above in the best Micro Machines tradition. But Il Tempo Gigante still responds like a serious motor ? so too much pressure on the accelerator and before they know it even ace racers will be slamming into the crash barrier."

"The PC version of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is all in all an out-and-out winner, and retains the feel-good mood of the film. Rather than spend time on new bells and whistles, the developers have refined a number of tried and tested game concepts - and the end result is superb."


Danish newspaper

"Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is a successful and amazingly varied example of how good edutainment for all age groups can be put together."


Danish newspaper

"Great to look at, hugely enjoyable and ahead of its time. Top marks all round. This has to be at the elite end of PC games. It sounds simple enough, but it's totally gripping. With Bjergkøbing Grand Prix all the family can join in. Features more than 100 hours of entertainment."


Danish web magazine

"Sonny and Lambert take it to the max. The fact that the game can be run on a computer with just 200 Mhz seems unbelievable when you look at the highperformance graphics that have gone into it. The fact that the Danish version features the voices of people like Ulf Pilgaard, Vigga Bro and Dick Kaysø, not to mention Frits Helmuth as the game narrator, only adds to the thrill."


Danish magazine

"A new genre sees the light of day - and it's a golden egg with nothing to match it. Welcome to family gaining as a genre! This game is set to be the role model for family games."


DR - National TV

"After playing Bjergkøbing Grand Prix several times over, you're not - as so often happens - left there feeling it's all a bit of a let down. What you do have is a sense of having bought something that gave you far more for your money than you actually expected. The game contains hours of entertainment for all the family and tons of bonus features to satisfy even the most dedicated Pinchcliffe fan."

Fredriksborg AMTS Avis

Danish Newspaper

"The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (PGP) PC game is seriously addictive. The whole family - dad, mum and two girls of six and eight - are totally hooked on PGP the PC game. The game features fabulous graphics and it's no surprise that PGP has picked up rave reviews in both Norway and Denmark. It's a real delight to throw yourself into a mega- PC game like this."

Jyllands posten

Danish Newspaper

"In my opinion this is one of the most impressive titles ever produced for tots and teens who don't expect all the action in one go, but can take the time to have a bit of a laugh along the way, soak up some facts, plus hours and hours of entertainment."


Danish Broadcasting Corporation

"The result is basically a superb computer game that anyone can play. For once, the age limit of 4 to 107 is no exaggeration."

"The game sticks closely to the film, but apart from exploring the wonderful world of Sonny, Lambert and bicycle repairman Theodore, there is also the option to take on a solo or multigamer challenge in different competitions of very varied difficulty level."

"In between all the many activities, there is also the chance to explore the various scenes. It's important to try all the different options several times over, because something different happens every time you get Sonny or Lambert to do something."

PC Planet

Danish Computer Magazine

"Bjergkøbing Grand Prix is without a doubt a great stocking-filler - because you won't find better entertainment or all-the-family fun in this category."

De Bergske Blade

Danish Newspaper

"If you buy only one family computer game this year, then Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is by far and away your best bet. Part of its genius is that it's easy to start with so the youngest can join in, and then gradually gets harder."

Berlingske tidene

Danish Newspaper

"If you are going to buy just one game for all the family to enjoy, then it has to be Bjergkøbing Grand Prix, a highly interactive game based on the Norwegian cult animation of the same name from 1975. The game centres around bicycle repairman Theodore Rimspoke and his two helpers, who live "thirty-seven miles to the north, a bit east, and then up a wee bit". In the story, the characters build a racing car in order to compete in the grand prix. There are hours and hours of gametime in the game, which is structured around 15 scenes and a total of 75 minutes of animation. Throughout, the players have to collect car parts with which to build the racing car - but, in and around, the game is choc-a-bloc with minigames. The whole thing is first-rate quality."