About the game

A small selection of screenshots from the game - click a thumbnail to view a larger version!

Please note: All screenshots are from the Norwegian version of the game. The image resolution and quality in the game is better than shown here. All these screenshots are static - without the animations and effects found in the game.

Fifteen amazing scenes!

Ved postkassa
  • På tunet
  • TV-kos
  • Verkstedet
  • På tunet
  • Utenfor sjeikens telt
  • Inne hos Ben Redic

The game features exceptional quality graphics and more than 70 minutes of new, fun-filled animations. Each new scene you get to features a self-contained sequence that continues the story.

In all the scenes you can click on and activate Sonny, Lambert and the others, and get them to do the most amazing stunts. Even if you don't click on any of our friends, they will still be "alive" with all kinds of little japes and high jinx.

Tons of exciting games!

Reodors sykkelverksted
  • Solan i farta
  • Sokkeskapet
  • Emanuels utfordring
  • Larvliv i leieren
  • Ludvigs labyrint
  • Flåklypa postkontor

Each scene contains one or more exciting and challenging games where you can win both points and medals. These award you with car parts so you too can build the supercar Il Tempo Gigante (ITG)!

The games are varied, exciting, interesting and include those authentic "Pinchcliffe" touches. So how about trying your luck at repairing bikes, sorting socks, catching butterflies or driving Sonny's three-wheeled moped down from Lonetree Hill, and more besides? It's up to you to decide how much of a challenge you want, and this is particularly handy for tournaments between mixed-ability players.

Build Il Tempo Gigante!

  • Verkstedet
  • Verkstedet
  • Verkstedet
  • Verkstedet
  • Verkstedet

In the original movie of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, the audience never actually gets a proper look under the bonnet of "Il Tempo Gigante", but in the game players really get to know the car - right down to the very last wingnut!

The game gradually lets you collect the different car parts so that you can actually construct this greased-lightening miracle yourself! You need 62 car parts in total, and you collect these by winning games or by searching carefully through all the scenes that make up the game. Will YOU be able to find all of the parts?

Did you know that this car really exists? Click here to see what it looks like!

Race Il Tempo Gigante!

  • Sagene Ring
  • Il Tempo Gigante

Once you have managed to build part of or even the whole car, you will gain access to the exciting motor racing game. Here you have the chance to drive "Il Tempo Gigante" and/or one of the other cars, depending on the number of points you have managed to accumulate. If you drive well, you will win new circuits in addition to the Pinchcliffe circuit. Two players will definitely enjoy competing against one another in their own cars. And, of course, you can always use "dirty tricks" of the sort used by Gore-Slimey in the film!

The first time you gain access to the motor racing game, you will have access only to the Grand Prix circuit, but as you gradually win more races and build your skills, you will gain access to many other circuits. The challenge-level is indicated by a number in front of each circuit, where 1 is the easiest with the next numbers up representing a tougher challenge. You may perhaps find it difficult to win on these circuits. This is because the tougher the circuit, the better the opponent cars are at racing.

You can race solo against the computer or you can compete with an opponent player on a split screen. Dotted around the track are cunning little extras to take with you, along with obstacles to steer round, such as drawing pins!

It's all up to you to choose which cockpit to climb into! If you choose "Il Tempo Gigante", there will be a Roman numeral next to the name of the car. This numeral represents the quality of the car, and the quality depends entirely on the level (1 to 5) you have managed to build it up to. When you have finally managed to fully complete the car, you will have access to the top model, and then "Il Tempo Gigante" will be as good as any other car you could race on any of the circuits. The number of cars available is also determined by your progress in building ITG, and how well you have done in the racing game - just one more reason for trying to improve your score!

Tons of fun activities!

  • Aktivitetsenteret
  • Puslespillet
  • Sjakkspillet
  • Ludvigs blomsterbinderi
  • Skyvepuslespillet
  • Film- og Videosenter
  • Avspille filmer og lyd

As part of the game you get a range of different activities with heaps of fun and interesting things to do such as puzzles, flower picking or chess.

There is also a special activity centre where you can work on images, text and characters from the game. For example, the bouquet you have made with the flowers can be printed out as invitations, or sent by e-mail!

Play with family and friends


You can play the game with others in tournaments. Anyone registered a player can participate. You can also adapt the game by setting individual levels for the players and selecting the number of games each tournament is to include.

The Pinchcliffe Factopedia

Flåklypa Faktopedia

Facts with that special Pinchcliffe touch are hidden throughout the scenes. When your cursor changes into a book symbol click open Theodore's factopedia and see what it says!

Tip: Find all the facts in a scene and you might get a surprise...

Help when you need it!


The game features a user-friendly Help function covering every aspect of the game. So, even those of you who are new to computer games will find it easy to get help when you need it.

To get an answer to your question, just click on the question mark on the screen!

As you gradually gain access to new scenes, games and activities, you will easily be able to switch between these with the help of the user-friendly menu system created by none other than Theodore Rimspoke himself.

All of the functions are easy to access, and if in doubt, all you have to do is click on the question mark in the top left-hand corner.