Ivo Caprino

Ivo Caprino The Ashlad and His Good Helpers Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Pinchcliffe Grand Prix The Ashlad and the Hungry Troll The Ashlad and His Good Helpers The Ashlad and His Good Helpers The Seventh Master of the House Karius and Baktus Karius and Baktus The Fox's Widow The Fox's Widow Frank Telly The Steadfast Tin Soldier The Steadfast Tin Soldier Owls in the marsh

A fairytale hero in Norwegian movie-making

Little Frick and the Fiddle, Karius and Baktus, Frank Telly, Josefine, The Fox's Widow, The Ashlad and His Good Helpers - and of course Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. This is a small selection of the movies and TV series we can thank Ivo Caprino for.

His total production consists of nine fairytale movies, three feature-length movies, 38 commercials, 16 commissioned movies, a wealth of features and programmes for NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, and a large number of Supervideograph movies. Find out more about some of these movies here.