Ivo Caprino


Film producer and director best known for his puppet films. His animated shorts include

Ivo Caprino

In addition, since he started out in 1949, Ivo Caprino has produced a large number of commercials and specially commissioned films.

In Caprino's early films the puppets move with the aid of his own, patented system that enables them to be remote-controlled without any visible strings or similar. Later films (such as The Fox's Widow and The Seventh Master of the House) were largely produced using a frame-by-frame technique.

"Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" is Caprino's biggest feature and the greatest Norwegian film success ever. Work on this feature-length puppet film based on Kjell Aukrust's colourful cast of characters began in 1969, with the opening night some six years later in 1975. A life-size version of the "Il Tempo Gigante" (ITG) car was built in order to promote the film abroad - the car is currently on show at Hunderfossen, Norway in the summer season. With its 500 bhp, length of 6.75 metres and width of 2.48 metres, ITG is always sure to attract deserving attention when it hits the road!

Ivo Caprino also developed the SuperVideoGraph, an ingenious system whereby 5 video cameras are used to create a 225 degree panorama that can be screened in special cinemas.