Pinchcliffe Grand Prix - Nintendo DS

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Pinchcliffe Grand P...
NOK 319.20
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Bjergkøbing Grand Prix for DS

Nintendo DS edition

We are proud to present the world of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix for the Nintendo DS Series System ...and it's not d-d-d-dang'rous!

The top of Pinchcliffe is packed with fun activities and gameplay! One of the many activities is for you to help Sonny and Lambert find and win car parts to build Il Tempo Gigante. Once the car is ready, you get to drive this showstopper of a car or some of the other race cars in the one and only Pinchcliffe Grand Prix.

Hidden around and about on the top of Pinchcliffe you can also find lots of mini-games - some of them are old favourites, while others are all-new challenges. With skill and practice you can also win bronze, silver and gold medals. These give you car parts for Il Tempo Gigante.

There are other ways of winning car parts, but we guess you'll find that out for yourself!

Screen shots

  • Pinchcliffe
  • Sonny's post haste
  • Lambert's kitchen garden
  • Sonny's apple harvest
  • Theodore's bike repairs
  • Grand Prix

The game contains

  • 8 mini-games
  • 42 puzzles
  • Explore Pinchcliffe with Lambert and Sonny
  • Collect car parts and build Il Tempo Gigante
  • Exciting car race game


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Pinchcliffe Grand P...
NOK 319.20
Nintendo DS
English Norwegian Swedish Danish