Honey Maze

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Honey Maze

Lambert with his sweet tooth has a craving for honey. Luckily there are several pots of honey to be found hidden while cleaning in the garden. But can you safely nagivate the maze and avoid the bees?

The game is no longer available

Adapted from the award winning computer game Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, and based on the cult film of the same name. Play this classic arcade game with one of the film's charming characters as he tries to make it safely through the honey maze.

Tip of the day

Tip of the day

Remember you don't need honey to complete a level. Sometimes playing it safe will get you further!

Read more tips and tricks below.

Tips and tricks


  • Check out Caprino's website - new game tips are listed here every day.
  • Tap a news item in the main menu to read more information about the displayed topic.
  • Log into Game Center to enable exciting awards as you progress through the game.
  • Need a break? You can pause tha game at any time by tapping the point bar at the top of the screen.
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  • Clean up all the twigs to progress to the next maze.
  • The last three twigs will make an audible click when picked up, telling you when you are about to complete a level.
  • Don't leave easy points behind. Once you've collected the last twig the current level ends.
  • Relax - there is no time limit. Rushed decisions often lead to poor outcome.
  • Stuck in the game? Try out some of the fun alternative play styles suggested in the list of achievements.


  • You can position your finger anywhere on the screen to start moving about.
  • If your finger is blocking your view, lift it and place it at a better suited area of the screen.
  • You can switch control between your left finger and your right finger. Use the finger that blocks the least of your view.
  • Once you have learnt the controls you may hide the navigation pop-up by disabling it in your device Settings.

The maze

  • Bees won't attack you in the start area. Rest at the start area when you need to think about your next move.
  • Paths that lead off the edge of the map can be used as shortcuts.
  • Bees are unable to follow you through shortcuts. Use this to your advantage.
  • Lambert can't cross water, but bees can! Mazes with pools of water are therefore more difficult to navigate.
  • You won't achieve the really big scores with luck. You will need to plan your route through the maze.
  • Bees move in a predictable pattern. If you can learn their movement pattern you have a great advantage navigating the maze.

Honey pots

  • Remember you don't need honey to complete a level. Sometimes playing it safe will get you further!
  • Bees will chase you down while you are carrying a honey pot. The bees will only calm down once you have returned it to the start area.
  • Be warned - once you have picked up a honey pot you won't be able to drop it outside the start area.
  • Don't pick up the honey pot if you fear you won't make it back to the start area safely!
  • Knowing that bees will chase you while carrying honey, you can direct the bees movement to your advantage.


  • Smoke guns and mushrooms can get you out of a sticky situation.
  • Save the power-ups for later. You'll be glad you did when the bees are hot on your heels.
  • Picking up multiple power-ups of the same kind simultanously is a waste. It will not double the effect of the power-up.
  • A smoke gun makes you invulnerable to bees and will stun them for ten seconds.
  • You may buy yourself more time by walking up to the bees and stun them when you are carrying the smoke gun.
  • If you are carrying the smoke gun and honey pot simultanously, you won't need to chase down the bees to stun them. They will come to you.
  • The speed boost obtained by a mushroom is enough to keep bees at a distance - even when they are aggressive.

Small display

  • Your remaining lives are indicated by the screws to the left of the point bar.
  • The radar around the edge of your screen helps you locate bees, the start area and remaining twigs.
  • Difficulties navigating the maze? Check out Settings for control schemes better suited your style.

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