A Dog's Life

Original title
Et hundeliv med meg
Production year
15 min
35 mm colour film
A Dog's Life

Just like Scampermouse in a Jam, A Dog's Life was a commissioned piece. In his book about Ivo Caprino, Per Haddal writes that:

In 1958 came the next commission from the Nordic Savings Banks, and this time the film was very different. The characters were dogs in human form, giving Ingse Gude (Ivo's mother) the chance to let her imagination and talent run riot. The budget was generous, which allowed for masses of puppets, and the commentary was a succession of rhyming verses. The film shows how Caprino was able to give his creativity free rein as long as he had enough money. We can also see how the animation has become more accomplished, flowing more elegantly than before and showing a more playful edge.

A Dog's Life is about Passopp, a troubadour and storyteller with a sense of the ridiculous, and his beloved Bella, who is both clever and sensible. Having spent all his money at the fun fair, Bella steers him in a different direction and he takes a job as a carpenter in the village of the dogs.

Per Haddal wrote:

The film ends as films only could then, with a heart in the middle of a black screen. And in the middle of the heart, the young couple kiss as Passopp pulls down the blind and the screen goes black.