Scampermouse in a Jam

Original title
Klatremus i knipe
Production year
15 min
35 mm colour film
Vole in Trouble

Scampermouse in a Jam was the very first movie to be produced in Ivo Caprino's own film studio at Snarøya. This puppet movie was made in 1955, commissioned by the Nordic savings banks.

Caprino used his own mechanical system for controlling the puppets' actions. Wires were attached at one end to the puppets' moving parts, and at the other end held on a large drum. The wires were controlled using a 12-key 'keyboard'. This allowed Caprino to control both small gestures and large movements.

Like Karius and Baktus (1954), Scampermouse in a Jam was made in collaboration with the author, Thorbjørn Egner, based on his wonderful story The Animals of Hakkebakke Forest.