Reklamefilm med de tre ekornene

Caprino made his first commercial back in 1949: Perpetuum Mobile was a festive short of 3 minutes for the Black Prince cigarette brand. This commercial won the "Advertising Oscar" in 1951. Over the years, he managed to make no fewer than 38 commercials. This was a vital source of funding for Caprino's more ambitious shorts.

Many of his commercials featured a creature cast, and here too his mother, Ingeborg Gude Folkestad, modelled the fabulous characters. According to one particular statement from the jury for yet another "Oscar" - this time for a paint commercial, Caprino transports something as mundane as paint into a fairytale world, and draws the audience into a fantasy realm where mankind's problems are shared with animals. Of particular note were two commercials commissioned by the Nordic savings banks: Scampermouse in a Jam and Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen, both of which were based on the Norwegian author Torbjørn Egner's fantasy world.

A number of the commercials have been restored, and are included as bonus material with the current DVD release of our fairytale movies. The releases marks the 50th anniversary of the production of Karius and Baktus, and The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the 30th anniversary of the Norwegian premiere of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix.