Frank Telly


In the 60s, Frank Telly was to become one of the Caprino Filmcenter's best known characters. Styled as a little gentleman with suit and hat, he was originally created for the screen during intermissions at a time when technical errors frequently occurred during broadcasts. He soon became an immensely popular character, and animating him was therefore the obvious next step.

Televimsen with Rolf Just Nilsen

His first appearance was as compère in a programme reporting from Caprino's studio. Eventually he turned up in his own fortnightly TV show, for a long time in a joint act with one of Norway's most famous and beloved actors, Rolf Just Nilsen.

Frank Telly with Wenche Myhre

Frank Telly was a very plainspoken chap, and could go much further in what he said than the average TV personality. In addition he was a virtuoso on the piano. Arild Feldborg of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation wrote the text, and the voice belonged to Frank Robert.

Once again, Ivo's mother, Ingse Gude Folkestad, modelled the character, which the TV Corporation bought the exclusive rights to for NOK 3,500!