Owls in the Marsh

Original title
Ugler i mosen
Production year
94 min
35 mm colour film
Owls in the Marsh

Boxing Day 1959 was the premiere of Ivo Caprino's first movie, Ugler i mosen, the title of which, meaning "Owls in the Marsh", is also a pun on an expression for "mischief brewing". It was also the only movie Ivo made featuring real people. The manuscript was based on Finn Havrevold's novel "Maren's Little Owl."

Naturally this movie also starred puppets, including a sprite who did not care for people and an owl who was Maren's special friend. Maren was played by Grethe Kausland (1947 - 2007), then only a little girl, but already a celebrated singer. Even then, Caprino spotted that she was a talent that we will be seeing a lot of in the years to come.

The movie's negatives and sound have recently been restored with the assistance of the Norwegian Film Institute. Wear and tear had damaged the original material to the point where it was vital to do something. The results are really commendable!