Fairytale movies due out on DVD

10. September 2004

Plus an anniversary edition of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix!

Caprino's classic fairytale movies, which until now have only been available on VHS, are due out in the fall of 2005 on DVD. This means a happy revisit to Askeladden, Karius og Baktus, the Steadfast Tin Soldier, Veslefrikk and the other Norwegian fairytale and folktale characters. They will also be accompanied by a large amount of fascinating bonus material.

Now on DVD!


Ivo Caprino's animated classics are finally available on DVD, and include English dialogue and subtitles.

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High quality

It's now 50 years since the film version of the Norwegian children's classic story Karius og Baktus (Karius and Baktus) was produced. As time has passed, technological advances have meant that audiences now expect a lot more in terms of the technical quality of the movies. Besides which, the ravages of time have damaged the old reels and impaired their quality. Caprino Studios have therefore gone back to the master copy and produced a brand new copy, remastered to produce the best possible audiovisual quality. In addition to the original sound, you can also select a new soundtrack in Dolby Surround, with far better quality and lots of new sound effects.

Fascinating bonus material

Music in the Attic

The bonus material includes features such as old classics like Music in the Attic, which was produced in 1950.

The Caprino collection at Snarøya is a vast treasure trove when it comes to animated movies. The remastered versions of a number of the old movies will be released as bonus material together with the classic fairytale movies such as A Doll's Dream and a number of Caprino's animated commercials. Besides these, the DVD will feature all-new sequences, never before screened. "I don't want to give the game away, but people can expect to see familiar characters in totally new situations and in other contexts," reveals Remo Caprino secretively. "We're putting a lot of work into these new releases, and are committed to giving audiences value for money."

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Work is also underway on a new release of the most famous movie of them all, Flåklypa Grand Prix (Pinchcliffe Grand Prix), which celebrates its 30th anniversary next year. This production has also been remastered with a Dolby Surround soundtrack, which will give audiences a whole new experience. A large amount of new bonus material is also being produced and is set to make this release a DVD masterpiece.

Fall 2005

Large-scale and comprehensive work is also in progress on the new releases, due to hit the shelves in fall 2005. Both the two fairytale DVDs and the anniversary edition of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix will no doubt, true to tradition, turn out to be best-sellers in a discerning market.