New skulduggery: buns - and bread too!

10. September 2004
The Lambert bun

As of September this year, Norwegian fans can look forward to meeting Sonny, Lambert and Il Tempo Gigante in brand new roles. In association with Norwegian bakery suppliers, Idun Industry AS, Caprino Studios have created an action-packed advertising campaign in which our friends from the top of Pinchcliffe will be helping to promote the mega-launch of an Il Tempo Gigante loaf!

And not only that! But they will also be launching the Lambert bun (what else!). After precision baking of prototype loaves and buns in Theodore's old stone oven at the top of Pinchcliffe, the chaps were unanimously in favour (after sampling the results, that is) of backing the project.

The Il Tempo Gigante loaf

The text on the Il Tempo Gigante loaf tells us that:

"For the chaps from the top of Pinchcliffe, wholesome and nutritious bread is all-important. Using an old, original recipe from Theodore's great aunt, the Il Tempo Gigante loaf is baked from oats and wheat plus rye bran finely ground on a stone mill according to time-honoured tradition. The exquisite flavour is topped with a sprinkling of crushed cornflakes and durum, the Italian speciality flour. The loaf is bursting with energy and flavour, and keeps well - in your lunchbox too"

The Lambert bun

The blurb for the Lambert buns tells us that:

The unique flavoursomeness of the Lambert bun derives from the fact that it is baked according to a top secret recipe, which even Gore-Slimey himself has not managed to swipe! Theodore has ingeniously constructed a machine which processes and dries the oats under vacuum and then squirts sugar and cinnamon into the oats! When the cinnamon oats are then mixed and kneaded together to make grandma's good ole' bun dough, the result is naught but DANG'ROUSLY GOOD! CAUTION! Lambert buns cannot be baked when the North Wind is blowing from every quarter!

The Il Tempo Gigante loaf

Competition with great prizes!

The back of the loaf bag features a great competition with the main prize of a day out for 4 at the Hunderfossen Family Park, including a ride in Il Tempo Gigante! The 2nd prize is an original scale model from 1976 of Il Tempo Gigante - for many a unique collector's object - and only a few are left in the Caprino collection! The 3rd prize is the computer game version of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix.


Caprino Studios will also be producing a 45-second commercial as part of the bakery products promotion. We can promise you that this will be a one-of-a-kind sensation, and for now the contents are highly classified information! However, we can tell you that fans will have the chance to revisit Sonny, Lambert and Theodore along with Il Tempo Gigante - in an action-packed feature! In other words, this will be the first time in 30 years that we get to revisit our friends on film (in the Caprino style)! A sensation in itself!