Digitally remastered

We are pleased to inform that 13 of our animated movies, including Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, were released on DVD in Norway in November 2005, fully restored in Widescreen and Dolby Digital.

The restoration work took 2 years in making, and never before have these movies been available in a better quality, image and sound alike.

International PAL edition

  • To better support our international customers we have included an English Dialogue track and English Subtitles with the current DVD release. In fact, all the films are dubbed in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English.
  • The DVD is region free, so it may be played no matter what region your DVD player is locked to.
  • For your guidance we have recently opened our own Webshop, making Caprino's products for the first time available to a larger international audience.

NTSC customers


We need to point out that the release is only available in the PAL format, i.e. the video format commonly used in Europe. If your DVD player and/or TV only supports NTSC video (USA/Canada etc.) you will be unable to play the films without a converter.

For customers that do not already own a video system capable of playing PAL movies, helpful customers have given us the following feedback:

Computer playback

If you own a computer capable of playing DVD-movies you will be able to play these movies through your computer.

Video converter

If you are prepared to invest in order to play our DVD release, we have found that the cheapest option is to purchase a DVD player capable of playing PAL DVDs on your current TV. You should be able to find such a player for less than USD 100,-.

You should be looking for a DVD player with the following features:

Multi-system DVD player
the DVD player is capable of playing NTSC and PAL DVDs.
Built in video converter
the DVD player will convert the signal to NTSC so you may use it with your current TV.

Contact details

Do contact us if you should have any further questions.

(+47) 67 10 81 60