Company profile

Caprino Studios

The Caprino Studios underwent a massive upgrade in 2003, and consists today of the following companies:

Caprino Filmcenter Ltd.

Caprino Filmcenter Ltd. is the original film company founded by Ivo Caprino (1920 - 2001) in 1948. Its main activity has been production of film and TV programs, always based on the idea of non-violent quality family entertainment. The company has received many domestic and international awards for its numerous puppet films.

Caprino Video Games Ltd.

Caprino Video Games Ltd. holds the intellectual rights to produce interactive games based on films and characters from the Caprino Filmcenter portfolio.

CapricornuS Ltd.

CapricornuS Ltd. is the production unit for digital film, TV and computer game productions.

Caprino Commercial Ltd.

Caprino Commercial Ltd. runs and owns the recently installed, state of the art, Motion Capture unit at Caprino Studios.

All companies are 100% owned by the Caprino family.

Remo Caprino

Remo Caprino

Remo Caprino (1944) is the son of Ivo, and is the CEO of the above-mentioned companies. He has, throughout the years, been involved in all aspects of his father's studio. Today he enjoys the company of his son, Mario (1978), as his right hand assistant. Mario is also lead programmer of CapricornuS.