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Apple Harvest

Sonny and Lambert are making apple pies. Help them collect falling apples with your wheelbarrow before they hit the ground and go bad.

The apples will start falling faster and faster as the windy weather is blowing up. How many pies will be on your table before the storm hits?

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Animated Classics now on DVD!

The Fox's Widow

The 13 main films in the DVD edition have all been completely digitally remastered. Never before have they been presented with such stability, sharpness and depth of colour.

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To celebrate that our animated movies are available with English dialogue and subtitles we are providing a 10% discount on our movies to all international deliveries. Take advantage of this great offer today!

The Monkey Hustle

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The Monkey Hustle

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Emanuel Desperados is an ape of many talents. Now he wants to challenge you, but keep your eyes peeled, and don't slip up! How many bananas do you dare to gamble on knowing where the red ball is, once Emanuel has mixed up the gold cups?

Caprino's Webshop is now open!

We are now open for business!

...and we do hope you will enjoy shopping for our products.

  • Caprino's Anniversary Box Our totally remastered films on DVD will delight audiences with an audiovisual extravaganza of Norwegian cultural heritage!
  • The radio-controlled Il Tempo Gigante ...not to mention the famous Il Tempo Gigante racing car, now finally available in a radio controlled version for you to enjoy and drive! This celebrated and unique car is the star of the race that is said to have inspired the exciting racing scenes in Star Wars: Episode I.

Welcome to our new website!

Remo Caprino

We've been wanting to redo our website for a while now. The site was originally created to tie in with the PC game version of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, so obviously the site was pretty much geared to that.

With our new design, the aim is to introduce people to the new Caprino Studios and what we represent today, while also providing more in-depth historical information about what we refer to as Caprino's World of Adventure. All the information about the computer game is still available, but is just less in the foreground.

We hope you like the new look, and would like to hear from any of you who might have comments and/or ideas about further improvements - please e-mail us!

Remo Caprinos signatur
Remo Caprino