Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Original title
Flåklypa Grand Prix
Production year
88 min
35 mm colour film

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is a movie in a class of its own, and equally entertaining for children and adults. The superior quality of the movie and - for its time - highly advanced technology have impressed and enchanted audiences and film critics worldwide for over 30 years! No other movie in the world has enjoyed greater success in a local market. Pinchcliffe sold 5.5 million theater tickets in Norway - a country of just over 4 million people!

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Plot summary

Sonny, Theodore og Lambert

The movie concerns Theodore Rimspoke and his two assistants, the optimistic Sonny Duckworth, the bird with the muffler, felt gumboots and indifferent morals, and Lambert, the somewhat pessimistic, melancholic and cautious hedgehog.

Rudolf Blodstrupmoen

The trio inhabit an airy and lush environment at the top of Pinchcliffe, where they earn a living repairing bicycles, making new inventions and manufacturing computerised flagpoles for the Swiss Navy! But then one day, dramatic events take hold! On TV they see that Theodore's former assistant, Rudolph Gore-Slimey, has swiped one of Theodore's great inventions, the super retometric distributor! ...a gadget that increases the corradial effect by 112%! With the aid of this, he has become a world champion Formula 1 driver, and is now challenging any contender to a race.

Ferdigstille Il Tempo Gigante

In spite of Lambert's dire warnings, but inspired by Sonny's enthusiasm and pluck, and backed by Oil Sheikh Abdul Ben Bonanza's money, Theodore sets to work finishing the racing car Il Tempo Gigante - a fabulous construction with two engines, radar and its own blood bank.

Bil racet

But before it is finished, it suffers vandalism at the hands of Gore-Slimey and his clairvoyant assistant, Eliaza Cassandra. This has disastrous results when they take their place on the starting line for the great international Grand Prix event in the town of Pinchcliffe. But the thrilling car race ends with a victory for our friends, thanks to Lambert's somewhat involuntary courage and cunning at a critical moment.

Ludvig med krans

This totally sensational victory and world fame do not, however, affect Theodore's, Sonny's and Lambert's life. Afterwards they are back at their daily chores, repairing bicycles, making new inventions and manufacturing computerised flagpoles for the Swiss Navy.